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3D Animation and Computer Graphics has become an almost essential skill today, especially if you work in Creative Industry or Immersive Technologies like AR / VR. You’ll often hear terms like WebGL, Particle Effect, Three.JS, Shaders, .fbx or .gltf file formats etc..

Learning 3D Animation or Motion Graphics can be very daunting at first, especially when you see a clumsy user-interface loaded with tons or menu and toolbar options.. Here I present a series of cool demos to simplify 3D Animation basics for beginners and learners, using a free but highly powerful 3D modeling, animation and rendering tool called Blender.

The first demo utilizes some key features of Blender, to create an array of 3D mesh objects (spheres or cubicles), applies random color material, and then wave modifier on underlying surface / plane to produce wave-like ripples or bouncing effect. …

Demo: Sports Activity Recognition using Transfer Learning

What is Transfer Learning?

While pre-trained models are great for recognizing cats and dogs, or cars and bicycles, very often, we want Machine Learning to do something more elaborate. Transfer Learning method utilizes intermediate layers (or in simple ML terms “features”) from a pre-trained model which is trained on a very large dataset. As a result, it achieves decent accuracy even though the new training set used for customization is relatively much smaller in size.

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to build a knn-classifier for sports activity recognition task, using Transfer Learning from a pre-trained model Mobile-Net in TensorFlow.JS. …

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In this article, I show you how to perform image recognition & video understanding tasks in just 2 lines of code, using TensorFlow.JS

To detect objects :

model = cocoSsd.load();

objects = model.detect(frame);

Model output tested on Olympics horse-riding game..

For video tagging :

model = mobilenet.load();

tags = model.classify(frame);

Model output tested on wild-life documentary films..

To capture Facial Expressions :

model = facemesh.load();

faces = model.estimateFaces(frame);

Model output tested on live video stream to detect facial expressions..

For Hand-Tracking :

model = handpose.load();

result = model.estimateHands(frame);

Model tested on live camera stream to generate music using hand gestures.. …

Mastering awkward interview situations..

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Here I have listed down few questions that are frequently asked during job interviews, and probably not with the best intentions..

Q: Did you complete your PhD? Why not?

After spending few years in IT industry, I started to find this question totally irrelevant, considering that most companies I worked for often had team members or even senior managers who didn’t even have basic Bachelors or Masters degree in IT or Computer related fields (like Chemical, Polymer, Civil / Construction majors). …

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AI Driven Entertainment

It was back in 2006, we were working on a class project.. The professor had asked us to implement Sentiment Analysis on Spoken Conversations or Dialogs. As you may be aware, most research on Sentiment Analysis was originally conducted on Text Datasets, e.g. online product reviews, movie reviews, social media posts.. The main challenge for this assignment, just like any other Machine Learning & Natural Language Understanding (NLU) project, was to find a good source of data that we can train and evaluate our algorithms on..

Datasets for Dialog Research:

There were some datasets available for research on spoken language systems or dialogs. These were phone conversations or call-logs where you can hear customers complaining about the products they received, or asking for refund, technical support etc.. …

Many reasons to love your Mac or Switch to one if you haven’t already..

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If you are still pondering on whether to go for an expensive MacBook / iMac instead of cheaper Windows Dell, HP computers, think no more.. Whether you are a Windows or Linux user, there are many long-term benefits to make a switch to Apple despite the hefty price tag..

System Upgrades & OS Installation: System upgrades in Mac OS are super easy and seamless. If you are formatting your entire hard-disk, Apple makes it so easy to re-install the new latest version not only for free of cost, but without any need to buy or carry around those ugly disks and flash drives.. Unlike Windows where you have to pay huge licensing fees even to upgrade from 2010 to 2015 version, Apple allows you to download the latest version of OS compatible with your system hardware automatically over the internet, free of cost. …

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Today, we are living in a smart digital era where technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality promise to disrupt our lives for better. Our homes are now equipped with intelligent virtual assistants like Alexa and very soon there will be a plethora of smart home appliances and connected devices that can be controlled via simple voice commands or mobile apps.

Our cities have become smarter and safer too. There are traffic cameras at every intersection with video analytics capabilities to detect traffic rule violations and number plate recognition. Our daily commute will see a major digital transformation too as automobile industries compete to launch autonomous vehicles and connected cars, powered with deep learning, computer vision, conversational interfaces and cognitive intelligence. …



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