Predictive Astrology: From an Engineer’s Perspective

6 min readAug 19, 2018
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Sun Signs:

Figure 1: Astrological Chart of Sun Signs

The above chart shows the 12 zodiac signs based on the english calendar dates (Sun Signs). According to this chart, a person born on Feb 24th will be a pisces, those born on June 10th will be Gemini, and so on..

Twelve Houses:

Starting with your sun sign as 1st House, number each block in clock-wise direction to get your twelve houses. For example, if your sun-sign is Pisces, Pisces will be your 1st house, Aries will be 2nd house, Taurus would be 3rd, Gemini will be 4th, and so on.. If your sun sign is Leo, Virgo will be your 2nd house, Libra will be 3rd, Scorpio 4th and so on..

Figure 2: Marking Twelve Houses for Pisces

Significance of each House:

Each house represents a specific area of our life as shown below. For example, 2nd House is for Job, Salary, Income, 4th house rules Home & Family life, 6th House is for Health & Work etc.

  • 1st House: Self, Personality Traits
  • 2nd House: Job, Income, Salary
  • 3rd House: Neighbors, Siblings, Communication
  • 4th House: Home & Family
  • 5th House: Children, Creativity, Love & Romantic Partners
  • 6th House: Work & Health
  • 7th House: Personal Relationships, Marriage
  • 8th House: Shared Resources, Joint Ventures, Intimate Relationships
  • 9th House: Travels, Legal, Connections with Foreign People, Higher Education
  • 10th House: Career, Reputation, Publishing, Fame
  • 11th House: Friends, Social Network, Group Events
  • 12th House: Past Karma, Psychology

Significance of Planets, Transitions and Retrogrades:

Jupiter: planet of good luck and fortune

Jupiter brings good luck and fortune to whichever area it is transiting through. For example, when Jupiter is moving through our 2nd house, we may see good luck and fortune in our salary, job or income. If Jupiter is visiting our 9th house, we may get opportunities to travel, study or work abroad. Jupiter spends a year in each zodiac sign, so the opportunities brought by Jupiter also have long-term benefits which last for a year or more.

Mars: planet of energy, drive and passion

Mars brings lot of energy, passion and drive to whichever area it is transiting through. For example, when Mars is visiting our 6th house of work and health, we will be able to complete our work assignments or projects with a lot of vigor and passion. On the other hand, if Mars is going retrograde in the 6th house, it will have an opposite effect, i.e. lack of energy, passion or drive. Forward movement marks progress, whereas, a backward movement can create slowness, uncertainty or delays in making decisions.

Saturn: planet of discipline and long-term foundations

If we have been ignoring any areas or problems in our life, saturn’s transit through that house will bring it to a focus or attention. For instance, if we are dealing with a toxic relationship, unhealthy or un-productive situation of some kind, that we are hesitant or unwilling to move away from (or let go of), Saturn’s transit through that house will make sure it goes away for good. While Saturn’s transit is known to create very gruelling and stressful experiences, it often benefits us in the long-run by building a solid, long-lasting foundation for the future. Saturn visits each sign for only 2.5 years, but the effects left by Saturn can be very long-lasting or even permanent.

In Indian astrology, Saturn’s transit through our moon sign is marked by a 7.5 year period called “Sade-Sati”, during which Saturn spends the first 2.5 years in our 12th house of past karma, then another 2.5 years in the 1st house, and the last 2.5 years in the 2nd house. This transition is often seen as a period of “self-renewal or rebirth”, and can bring lasting changes in our situation, like marriage, divorce, child birth, disability, or endings of some kind.

Uranus: planet of surprise, unpredictability and uncertainty

Uranus brings lot of uncertainty or unpredictability to whichever area it touches. For instance, if Uranus is in the 2nd house, we may see lot of fluctuations or instability in our salary, job or income. Uranus spends nearly 7 years in each sign, so these effects can be felt for a long-time (at least 7 years). Uranus will be in Taurus from 2018-2026, before which it spent nearly 7-8 years in Aries from 2011-2018.

Venus: planet of beauty, love, creativity, and enjoyment

Venus being a small planet spends only about a month in each zodiac sign. As a result, Venus’s impact may not be felt as strongly as some of the other larger planets (like Uranus, Saturn or Mars). While Venus is transiting in our 5th house of creativity and children, we can enjoy spending a lot of time with children or working on creative projects.

Astrological Events:

New Moon: marks a new beginning of some sort. For example, new moon in the 2nd house may bring a new job opportunity or promotion.

Full Moon: If we have been suppressing any angers or resentments towards something or someone, they will often come to surface around full moons. People normally tend to speak up their minds around full moons, so watch for any quarrels or emotional dramas around full moons, especially before / after super-moons when the moon is very close to the earth. A full moon in 4th house which rules Home and Family, for example, can create heated arguments or quarrels within our home or family environment.

Eclipses: bring sudden drastic changes in our situation, often in very unexpected or surprising manner. For example, an eclipse in 2nd house can bring sudden changes in our job situation like job transfer or relocation. Lunar eclipses combined with full moons can often create very intense emotional experiences. Eclipses are known to stir the pot or bring a shocking news or event within 1 month before / after the eclipse. The news or event brought by an eclipse can have an effect that lasts for almost 6 months.

Mercury Retrogrades: Things may not happen as quickly or smoothly as we like during mercury retrogrades. These retrogrades are known to create frustrating situations due to delays, slow-downs or mis-communications. Watch out for any malfunctioning mechanical or electronic equipments, last minute delays or cancellations in flight / meeting schedules especially during mercury retrogrades. A budding romantic relationship or job / project opportunity related discussions may not go well or as expected when mercury or other planets are in retrograde. Potential client, employer or romantic partner you are dealing with may take long time to respond, hesitant to give you concrete answers, or change their mind afterwards, during retrogrades.

How to read your horoscopes:

[1] Refer to any astrology site (few links given below for reference) to check where the planets are currently located or which signs they are transiting through. Depending on your sun-sign, they will be in one of your twelve houses. See which house each planet is impacting and how. For example, Mars moving in your 6th house may impact your work and health, depending on whether it is in forward or retrograde motion (bringing lot of energy and progress, or lack of it).

[2] Refer to any astrology site for major astrological events like eclipses, full moons or retrogrades, and the signs in which they occur. For example, see this chart for solar and lunar eclipses: See how these events impact your sign. For example, even if the eclipse is occurring in Aries (which is not your sun sign), it will still impact your sign because Aries will be one of the twelve houses for you. If you are a Pisces, Aries will be your 2nd house, and eclipses in Aries will impact your job, salary or income situation. If you are a Capricorn, Aries is your 4th house, and eclipses in Aries can impact your home or family situation.


Written by: Amruta Purandare