Beauty of Mac Computers

Many reasons to love your Mac or Switch to one if you haven’t already..

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If you are still pondering on whether to go for an expensive MacBook / iMac instead of cheaper Windows Dell, HP computers, think no more.. Whether you are a Windows or Linux user, there are many long-term benefits to make a switch to Apple despite the hefty price tag..

System Upgrades & OS Installation: System upgrades in Mac OS are super easy and seamless. If you are formatting your entire hard-disk, Apple makes it so easy to re-install the new latest version not only for free of cost, but without any need to buy or carry around those ugly disks and flash drives.. Unlike Windows where you have to pay huge licensing fees even to upgrade from 2010 to 2015 version, Apple allows you to download the latest version of OS compatible with your system hardware automatically over the internet, free of cost.

Linux / Unix Programming: If you are a Linux / Unix programmer, you have even more reasons to love Apple Mac OS. The command prompt in MacOS is exactly like Linux / Unix OS, and you can run almost all applications (apache, GitHub, Python etc) that you normally run on your Linux / Unix device, unlike Windows which forces you to run outdated DOS commands or download clumsy applications like Cygwin in order to use Unix.

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Best in Class Hardware: The main reason for me to switch to Apple was the excellence in hardware configuration. Lot of other brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo may offer you the latest processor with highest internal memory and speed at lower price tags, but the problems will be obvious as soon as you start running heavy-duty graphics or memory intensive applications like Photoshop or Maya.. Your Windows laptop will dissipate enormous amount of heat and eventually burn out. After replacing the mother board a few times in my Dell / HP laptop, I decided it just wasn’t worth it.. I have been using Apple MacBook for many years now and never had any heating issues so far even while running memory / graphics intensive applications.. Even after 5 or 10 years, your computer will be as good as new, as long as you keep it updated from time to time..

Built-in Apps: If you love making music and videos, you will love Apple’s built-in apps like Garage Band, iMovie, and a hidden gem Quick Time Player. These are either pre-installed or can be downloaded from App store for free. With Garage Band, you can connect your musical instruments like guitar, piano keyboard via MIDI cable and start recording music in minutes.. Garage Band offers hundreds of loops (samples) and instrumental sounds that you can use in your recording. iMovie is great for basic video editing and has many templates for trailers, while QuickTime allows you to record live audio, video and screen activities that you can import and edit in iMovie.

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